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Combat period poverty

The average menstruating women spends Dkk 40 - 60 (Usd 6 - 9) per month on pads and tampons. On top of that is the amount of waste and CO2 emissions generated. Switching to using a menstrual cup makes sense in so many ways, but the initial investment is too high for most Ukranian women.

Our partnership with HeartCup, along with your donation, can put menstrual cups in the hands of a large number of Ukranian women and effectively reduce their cost of menstrual care to close to zero. 

Donate a HeartCup


Menstrual pads and tampons are in short supply in Ukraine, as well as a financial burden for millions of Ukrainian families.

With each donation of Dkk 125 , we can put a HeartCup kit in the hands of a Ukrainian woman in Ukraine, Poland or Denmark.

Donate 1 kit (HeartCup incl. cleansing container) by transferring Dkk 125 to Mobile Pay Box 8341QV and note "Heartcup" in the message.

Donate 100 HeartCup kits & a Microwave oven


A donation of Dkk 12.500,- will enable us to deliver 100 kits and a microwave oven to a refugee center in Ukraine, Poland or Denmark. 

The average cost of pads and tampons for a menstruating woman is Dkk 40 - 60/Usd 6-9 per month, meaning, that an investment in a menstrual cup will be paid off in 2 - 3 months. Thereafter, the woman will have "free" menstrual care the following years.

Not to mention the heavily reduced waste and CO2 emission volumens.

The microwave? HeartCup can be disinfected using either boiling water or a microwave oven.

Contact info@copenaid.dk or call +45 3124 1856 for further details.

More information about HeartCup can be found here 

About us

CopenAid was founded in March 2022 by a group of Copenhageners, wishing to help Ukraine and Ukranian refugees in Denmark, Poland and Ukraine. CopenAid is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers. Our registration number is 43 12 06 97 

and we hold the nescessary permit for receiving donations.

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